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Personal Assistant to Home Improvement

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duck1Home Improvement, Home Staging  & Projects 

Whether it is a complete home remodel, redesigning a kitchen or bath, or just setting up new closets, I have a great team of licensed architects and general contractors. I’ll organize everything, from the beginning concept to the final touches of interior decor. I’ll get your Ducks in a Row!

duck2Home, Office & Store Organizing

Whether it is your home or office, I can reorganize it from being overstuffed closets, kids clutter, messy offices and desks, into a well organized home or office where everything has its place. I always have a creative solution for anything and everything that needs organizing. I’ll get your Ducks in a Row!

Event & Party

With so many things to do, why not have someone help you? Through the years I have planned many events, from major fragrance launches to simple dinner parties. No event is too big or too small, whether it is a dinner for two or a wedding of 700. I’ll get your Ducks in a Row!

duck4Personal Assistant / Shopper

Do you need someone to handle the little or big details in your personal life? Whether it’s setting an appointment for a massage or picking up the dry-cleaning, I can hire the right staff for your home and office as well. I’ll get your Ducks in a Row!


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I get your ducks in a row! by suzy olian

About Suzy

“Suzy, there isn’t one thing you can’t do!” For as long as I can remember people would always say that.

My dad would tell me that that is why my name is Suzy… as in Suzy Homemaker! I love to cook, clean, organize,
shop, plan parties and meals and, of course, decorate!

My professional life has prepared me for just about any role in life. I’ve worked in the cosmetic industry for over
25 years and have traveled all over the globe. But no matter where I went or what I was doing, I realized that is
good to have ones Ducks in a Row!

suzy olian

With an extensive background in fashion, entertainment, and event production, as well as experience in catering and interior design, Suzy creates events that something unforgettable, unique, thoughtful, and reflective of their individuality.

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  • Suzy was a lifesaver during my home remodel. It looks like a million dollar home improvement project!

    Margaret E -

  • After using Suzy, an annual Christmas party has begun to be an enjoyable party for me too! I would highly recommend using Suzy to get your “Ducks in a Row”!

    Denise S -


Please contact me by email using the form below or call to let me know how can I help. I look forward to hearing from you!

Houston TX
(832) 659-1450

San Antonio TX
(210) 383-3841

Santa Fe NM
(505) 570-0931

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